Most recent awards:

Silver Award at the New York Film Festival 2015 for SKF production “Collaboration has Power”. Gold trophy in World Media Festivals 2013 for Teknikföretagen. Silver Award in World Media Festivals 2013 for“It’s a matter of size” produced for Chalmers University of Technology. Ottocar Silver Award in AutoVision Ceremony for Volvo Trucks’ interactive film ”The Big Picture”. Gold World Medal Award in New York Festivals 2013 to SKF and STARK for the film ”One bright idea”. Gold trophy in World Media Festivals 2012 for SKF Group News. Silver trophy in Cannes and Silver World Medal in New York Festivals 2011 for the film “The Social Web of Things”, produced for Ericsson. Gold World Medal Award in New York Festivals 2011 for the Volvo Group Corporate presentation. Gold Trophy in Cannes with Volvo Group Corporate presentation 2010 for best animation, graphics & special effects.