STARK were privileged once again to produce a film for Jontefonden.

Jontefonden supports children and adolescents in need of life-saving organ transplants. The STARK team got to meet an inspiring young man named, Calle.

While in many ways Calle is not dissimilar to other 18 year old boys; with his love of fast cars, Swedish hip hop and his hot girlfriend - but in actuality he is going through more than most. Calle has a critical heart condition, relying on a motor to keep him alive and he is waiting for a heart transplant. His story was honoured through STARK’s film that premiered at the 2018’s edition of the Jontefonden fundraising gala. 

We urge those who aren’t already, to sign up as an organ donor - to help those that really need it, like Calle. Or why not head to the foundation website to make a donation.

We look forward to future work with Jontefonden.