When presented with two ambitious projects for Volvo Trucks, STARK took the opportunity to test the full potential of our unique media asset management server.

The first film was collaborated alongside, Change agency. The purpose of the film was to promote Volvo Trucks Global Uptime Services through a dynamic and emotionally inspiring film; built on the concept, Your Sixth Sense. With only one day to shoot new footage, the STARK team had to rely greatly on archive footage in order to deliver a final product within the tight schedule.

The second film was created to promote Volvo Trucks commitment to the Construction segment, for the upcoming launch at Intermat, in Paris. Again, with a short deadline, of only a few weeks. For this film, the team had to rely solely on archive footage. 

Both films were produced to a high-quality standard. The archive footage was carefully selected to ensure suitable unity and flow. The intention was, of course, for the footage to present as if it had been specifically captured for both projects.

Our server retains all the material STARK has ever produced. Readily available for production on demand. Without the cutting-edge capacity of STARK’s server, it wouldn’t have been possible to produce these projects to the same quality, speed or cost.
— Rolf Jonasson, Producer

And this is just two STARK examples.

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