It is clear that the most used and viewed media today is accessed through social media platforms (predominantly Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), particularly among generations Y and Z. So, how can you increase your followers and strengthen your online engagement? How do you stay relevant in this digitalized world?

STARK Film has been in the industry since ‘91, but we have also welcomed nineties talent to our team. We’ve got the experience from then and now. We believe that adapting our quality film to the right platform is essential. Delivering 10-30 second clips for social media can be challenging – hooking the viewer in the first few seconds and retaining their attention, delivering the key messages and call to action while remaining aesthetically engaging and interactive for the viewer.

We think we’ve cracked it. STARK have been producing digital content in this way for a while now, in collaboration with our clients we are listening to societal changes and giving the people what they want.
— Adam Gustafsson, Production Manager

People expect to see film everywhere online. It’s simpler for a tech-obsessed society to watch a film than to read an article like this.. In saying that, below are some examples of what we’ve produced in this format. If you like what you see, contact us for a full presentation or stop by our office for a coffee.