In June 2018, STARK Film were selected by Nine Yards agency and SKF to produce all of the film content for the SKF Distributor Convention, held at the Swedish Trade Fair Gothenburg.

STARK produced a collection of films for the convention. As one of the stand out projects, our team were tasked with documenting the SKF European Distribution Centre (EDC) located in Belgium. Spanning 30 700m2, the SKF EDC stores and distributes thousands of products from manufacturers across various industries.

We wanted the convention attendees to have an IRL experience, so we needed to get creative with our filming. A 360° experience was the way to go. A team travelled to Belgium to capture the entire warehouse operations in one day, using 360° drones and a Nokia OZO camera.

Jessica Loets, STARK Producer, was one of the team members involved in the project.

A challenge with 360° film, is how to determine and maintain a focal point. The ambition is to direct users to focus their attention on a certain position. In fact, much of the appeal of 360° video is the ability to look anywhere, at any time.

This means the camera positioning is key, making sure that everything within the 360° frame is interesting.
— Jessica Loets

The 360° film steered the audience through the SKF EDC guided by a narrator describing the stock management and other warehouse processes. The convention participants were able to view the film using VR-Googles.

According to Google research, 70% of marketers who have used 360° films say it has increased engagement for them. So, by publishing films in this format you are entering another stream of attention.
— Jessica Loets

Explore the European Distributor Centre in 360° here:

In addition, STARK Film also delivered a 360° film recap of the SKF European Distributor Convention. A 360° camera was positioned in front of the stage, documenting the speaker’s content from the audience’s point of view. This film was published on the SKF website for those that were unable to attend the convention.