SKF Management Conference

Planning an event on the opposite side of globe can be quite a challenge. The event of the season was definitely the SKF management conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All STARK’s channels for experiential learning were used in a perfect combination.


Client: SKF
Category: Conference
Number of Participants: 100+

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Account Manager: Magnus Boldyn
Phone: +46 31 707 74 24




The challenge was to create an open and collaborative setting for the launch of new strategies and targets for the company.


We worked closely together with SKF to create the communication strategy and structure before and during the conference. By building a low catwalk dividing up the audience, the speakers came close to the audience, facilitating interaction and discussions. On-site interviews and sofa chats were filmed to cascade the messages out into the organization.


The Kuala Lumpur management conference was a great success and the setting was widely appreciated. In a survey completed after the event, 97% of delegates rated it “Very Good” or “Excellent”.

I think this was the best conference we have ever had!
— Tom Johnstone, CEO, SKF



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