Real Change

Why do we need trucks? Can they change the world? Probably not, but they can help change the way we live, and help change people’s lives and transform business. It is not about the trucks, but the possibilities and the cargo they carry. The new Volvo Trucks brand film is about the people and the enterprises depending on the trucks that Volvo delivers. 

The focus of the brand film was to bring Volvo Trucks’ brand promise Driving Progress to life in a new and unconventional way. The story steps back from describing what Volvo Trucks is and can offer, and instead focuses on its people and how their ideas and innovations are changing things – pushing what’s possible in today and tomorrow’s transport society. Shaping the future, together – with Volvo leading the way. Progress, change, continuous improvement with a purpose. We wanted to highlight the human centric aspect of the brand and tell the story of the heart and soul, of connectivity and a sense belonging.

The film was produced spanning 6 continents, globally. To be used on more than 140 countries all over the world.


In Volvo Trucks new brand film, STARK helps the transport provider tell the story of who they are, not what they are. We thought it was time for – Real Change.

Client: Volvo Trucks
Producer: Rolf Jonasson
Director: Niclas Corn
Colorist: Mikael Nordenström
Production Manager: Tina Weman
DOP: Hans Johansson
Sound: Ulf Kjellberg, Ljudbyrån
Music: Mapei – Change


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