The Bigger Why

Successful companies today often have a ‘Bigger Why’ that both drives employees and keeps customers coming back for the long run. If you succeed in creating a buzz and getting people engaged in your Bigger Why, your brand will almost instantaneously get a boost. In this case, SKF wanted to create engagement around one of its Bigger Whys – to be a leader – a technology leader, a knowledge leader, a sustainability leader.


Client: SKF
Category: Event, Digital Campaign

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The idea that took form would put SKF in the driver’s seat. And the engine at the core of the digital communication plan that included the company’s intranet, its homepage, blogs and different social media channels would be a series of events used in combination with a film release. In today’s digital world, it’s a real hit and miss when it comes to creating the right content. You can do your research - find your target audience, not only where they are, but how they behave. What’s tricky is how to reach them – social media channels are saturated. The number of views and likes you get is of interest of course, but engagement in the form of posts and discussions is gold. How do we strike gold?


Having a digital strategy is equally important as having the right content that will hit home with your audience. Dancing cats or stunts-gone-wrong videos often have viral potential for the masses, but what if your audience is specifically engineers and product developers? What will they watch? What will they share? What will they discuss? You create content that peaks their interest. A platform they relate to. Something a little unexpected.


Here, Let’s Talk was born – a knowledge-sharing symposium where experts discuss hot topics affecting industry. The film, released on social media, is designed to keep the discussion going. For the audience to share knowledge and spark conversations. There is no silver bullet solution to digital strategies today, but in this case, the live event, valuable content and a film release on social media were the right combination – a strong engine driving communication, creating buzz and real engagement. So think about what your “engine” is, how it can be used to build your brand and get people talking about what your company is all about, what drives you. Your Bigger Why.

How can we turn Big Data into Smart Data? What business models are needed? Should our data be open or closed? Hear what the experts are saying about how Big Data is transforming industry. Watch our knowledge-symposium, Let's Talk.



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