Greencarrier 15-year Anniversary

STARK worked together with logistics and transport solutions provider Greencarrier for more than a year to plan its 15-year celebration in its home city of Gothenburg.


Client: Greencarrier
Category: Event
Number of Participants: 600

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Account Manager: Patrik Malmer
Phone: +46 31 707 74 24




Greencarrier wanted to celebrate its first 15 years as a company. During this time, it merged with several other companies in different markets, with different corporate cultures. Another challenge was the name Greencarrier, which many associate with an environmental promise the sales organization had trouble leveraging on.


Even before the event started a video challenge was created asking the different markets to interpret the company’s core values. The actual event started with a half-day conference featuring speakers like Mattias Klum, who spoke about the environment and shared his experiences as a National Geographic photographer. To build team spirit and educate the staff, a mobile-based game sent the teams on missions throughout Gothenburg, turning the city into a giant green playground including branded trams. The day finished with a celebration that included a film screening, prize-giving ceremony, gala dinner and a dance into the wee hours.


The company came together for the first time and left the celebrations as a team. The celebration sparked a renewed look at the core values and the work to further develop the environmental core of the company.



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